40 WM

  • We supply band saw blades welded to requested length or in packages (coils) of 25, 50 or 100 m
  • band saw blades type WM1 are for cutting soft woods
  • band saw blades type WM2 are for cutting hard woods
H x S
32 x 0,922WM1, WM2
32 x 1,022WM1, WM2
32 x 1,122WM1, WM2
35 x 0,922WM1, WM2
35 x 1,022WM1, WM2
35 x 1,122WM1, WM2
40 x 0,922WM1, WM2
40 x 1,022WM1, WM2
40 x 1,122WM1, WM2
50 x 1,122WM1, WM2

H – height of blade [mm], S – thickness of band saw [mm], t – tooth pitch [mm]

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