METAL SPEED S Circular Saw Blades with coated TCT tips

  • Material: non-alloy or alloy steels (with carbon content > 0,45%), stainless steels, acid-resistant steels, bearing steel , improved steels
  • Usage: cutting of solids and pipes
  • Machine: suitable for machine cutting speed of Vc = 70 – 200 m/min
  • Characteristic:
    • exceptionally resistant tooth geometry
    • high cutting performance, excellent dimensional accuracy
    • high quality coating ensuring significant extention of life span and performance
    • thin kerf
  • Type of tip: coated TCT 
  • Diameter of the blade: 250, 285, 315, 360, 425, 460 (mm)
  • Coating: TiN, TiAlN, AlTiN, TiCN, CrN

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Other dimensions can be made to order.

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